How to Plant Glossostigma


Glossostigma elatinoides is an aquatic plant you can use in a freshwater aquarium. It is also called mug mat because it quickly grows into a dense carpet along the bottom of the tank. Glossostigma grows best in alkaline water that has a low pH and a low amount of phosphorous. The species grows quickly, so it will not be long before you discover the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the plant. When planting Glossostigma, it is important to anchor it securely.

Step 1

Separate the bottom of the Glossostigma gently, to make several plants out of one. Pull apart the sprigs with tweezers and your fingers. Make small groupings that can be planted throughout the aquarium.

Step 2

Press the base of the individual sprig groups into the gravel on the bottom of the fish tank. Do it gently so you don't rip the plant. If they are too small to grab, use tweezers to hold them. Plant some of the groupings in a submersible pot if you prefer that appearance in the aquarium. Nestle the bottom of them in the soil in the pot, being careful not to overfill the container with soil. Put the plant pots throughout the aquarium. Pile gravel on and around the pot to hold it in place. Make sure the gravel is between the Glossostigma's strands.

Step 3

Anchor a bright light on top of the fish tank. Glossostigma needs 2.5 watts per gallon of water to thrive. The more light there is, the less the plant has to grow to reach the brightness.

Things You'll Need

  • Submersible plant pot
  • Aquarium stones or gravel
  • Tweezers (12 inches long)


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