Contemporary Garden Ideas

The phrase "contemporary garden" does not refer to a particular style but to a philosophy. Contemporary design strays away from tradition for tradition's sake and strives to use all the materials available to create a functional space. Borrow from everywhere and use anything from terracotta to steel to create a garden that is a welcoming place to gather and play.

Glass Walled Garden

Large windows allow you to enjoy all the sites of your garden from the comfort of your living room. Install a glass wall facing your garden and arrange your plantings so that the view from inside is as good as the view from outside. Place your living room furniture so that every spot has a good view of the garden. Add extensive, dimmable garden lighting with controls in your living room. Your garden will double as a pleasant outdoor space and a vibrant living room display that you can admire any time day or night.


Gardeners go to great lengths to work with color and texture. They plant exotic and unusual plants, work with different sorts of stone and other materials, but they sometimes overlook one of the easiest ways to add color to a garden--with paint. Create contrast in your garden by combining traditional outdoor hardscape features, such as stone patios, with brightly painted walls, planters and other features. Not only will this give your garden true all-season color, but it will also give it the feeling of a room in your house, allowing you to bring indoor comfort out.


Use hardscape elements with strong geometric or organic features to introduce an architectural element into your garden. Use shiny metal planters in simple square or cylindrical shapes to give your garden a formal, linear look. If you prefer a more flowing design, use meandering paths, twisting rails and irregularly shaped flowerbeds to give your garden form.

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