Outdoor Planter Ideas

Traditional materials, such as glazed clay and terracotta, work well for planters and look good in a variety of garden settings, but nearly anything capable of holding dirt can be used as an outdoor planter. Find interesting, unusual and decorative objects around your home to house your flowers, vines and other outdoor plants.


Use an old gym shoe for a humorous and stylish outdoor planter. Cut a few small holes in the bottom (if there aren't holes there already) and fill the shoe with loose, well-drained potting soil. Plant a single flower with a showy bloom, such as an iris, in the top of the shoe. The site of the bright, attractive bloom shining above the beaten-up old sneaker will never fail to bring a smile to your face.

Chest of Drawers

Use an old chest of drawers to create an improvised, tiered garden. Pull the drawers out to different distances so that the bottom drawer is pulled out the furthest and the top, the least. Nail or glue the doors in position and prop the chest up carefully so that both the bottom of the structure and the bottom drawer are supported by the ground. Fill each drawer with about 3 inches of soil and plant flowers at the end of each drawer. Your chest will create a charming cascade effect, with a series of clustered blooms falling from the top drawer to the bottom.

Crib Garden

Turn an old crib into a functional raised garden bed for a nostalgic, homemade look. Place a garden planter or a tub in the crib and add potting soil. Plant flowering vines, such as passion flower or morning glory, in the soil. The fines will naturally snake up the sides of the crib, creating a dense, overgrown look. For taller vines, place the crib beside an arbor or a fence, and let the plants climb and twine over the neighboring structure.

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