Tree Garden Ideas

Trees add scope, shape and color to gardens. Deciduous trees provides seasonal foliage, blooming flowers and, in some cases, delicious fruit. In the spring and summer, they are vibrant and full of life while, in the winter, they take on a dramatic, skeletal look as they slumber. Evergreens provide an attractive all year backdrop giving the garden a touch of green even in the depths of winter.


If you are fond of novel geometrical designs or want to save space growing a fruit tree, try espalier. Plant an apple or pear tree a foot or two in front of an outside fence or wall. Attach eyelet screws to the wall in horizontal lines, and run a piece of thick wire through each horizontal row of eyelets. Attach two branches to the lowest horizontal wires using twisty ties string or some other connector that will hold the branch but let it slide along the wire. Cut off other side branches. As the tree grows, those two branches will slide along the wire. As the tree trunk grows higher, attach two more side branches to the next set of horizontal wires. You will soon have a tree with compact, horizontal branching limbs growing in a compact shape along the wall.

Tree Downlighting

A bright moonlit night can make a garden look magical as the light filters between the limbs of tall trees. With good lighting, you can bring this effect to your garden even when the weather is poor or the moon is below the horizon. Place low voltage, canister shaped lights up near the top of a tall tree or group of trees. Position the lights so that they shine towards an area of your garden you want to light, casting intricate patterns as the light filters between branches. The National Gardening Association recommends using three canisters at slightly different angles to get more diffuse, even light but you may prefer to only use a single canister for a starker, more focused look.

Potted Trees

If you want to grow trees in your garden but don't have a lot of space, consider growing a potted tree. According to the Oregon State University Extension, small species and dwarf strains such as boxwood, mugo pine, Korean fir and Japanese maple grow well in containers in gardens. Use a heavy pot with a rich soil-based compost and some perlite to improve aeration and drainage. The compact dimensions of the pot will help keep the tree small and allow you to move it if you wish to.

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