Outside Brick Projects for a Garden

Bricks are one of the most convenient materials to use for garden projects. Their flat regular shape, durability and weight make them easy to build with, long-lasting and stable. They can be stacked or lined up to create temporary structures and borders or mortared together to build more permanent garden projects.

Brick Edging

Edging your garden with brick is a durable and attractive way to create a barrier between your lawn and garden beds. Begin digging a 4 inch deep and 10 inch wide trench around the bed. Carefully slide in the bottom of the trench with a spade and add about an inch of sand. Place the bricks in the trench so that they form a continuous border around your garden. Once you have placed all the bricks, pour sand onto the brick edging. Use a broom to sweep it so that it falls into the spaces between the cracks.

Brick Raised Garden

If your landscape has a grade, level your brick garden beds by raising them slightly. Dig into the slope to create a flat surface, then dig a flat trench around it deep enough to fit two layers of brick under ground. Place 1 inch sand or gravel on the bottom of the trench and place a layer of brick at the bottom and add mortar on top and between the bricks. Add a second and third layer, placing mortar in between to create a low raised bed and fill it with the dirt you dug up combined with commercial potting soil. Combine brick raised beds and brick edged beds to create a subtle, multi-layered look in your garden.

Brick Columns

Brick columns have a number of uses in the garden. Place the columns at the corners of a patio to give a definition or line a garden path with columns to give it a stately, dignified look. If you are growing a planter garden, place large planters with trailing vines on top of wide brick columns. Build columns by first removing pebbles, stones, roots and other debris from the ground and then leveling it with a manual tamper. Build a square or circle of bricks and coat them with a layer of mortar. Place a second layer of brick on top of it, staggering the layers so the gaps between the bricks do not line up. Keep going until your column reaches the desired height. Finally, mortar a large, flat paving stone on top as a cap stone.

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