How to Buy the Venus Flytrap


The Venus Flytrap is a unique plant in that it is considered carnivorous. This means that in addition to sunlight, water, and nutrients from the soil, the Venus Flytrap needs meat from insects to survive. The plant captures these insects in its trap and then digests them. Because Venus Flytraps only grow naturally in the Carolinas, buying them can be a bit more complicated than purchasing your everyday plant.

Step 1

Check with garden centers to ask them if they have any Venus Flytrap plants.

Step 2

Examine the Venus Flytraps before purchasing them. Look for leaves that could possibly be growing mold or fungus. If they are affected, they will begin to turn brown or black. If the Venus Flytrap has a disease, it could spread to the rest of the plant.

Step 3

Ask how the Venus Flytraps have been taken care of. If the flytrap has been fed tap water, or has received less than 12 hours of direct sunlight, don't purchase it. Tap water can make a Venus Flytrap sick. Flytraps require distilled water. Also, a lack of sunlight can lead to a fungal disease.

Step 4

Purchase your Venus Flytrap online if you cannot find any acceptable Venus Flytrap plants near where you live. Investigate the online retailer through the Better Business Bureau to ensure its specialty is carnivorous plants. That will give you the best chance of obtaining a healthy Venus Flytrap.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use a Venus Flytrap's size or color to determine whether it is a healthy plant. These are not good indicators because Venus Flytraps come in many different sizes and colors.


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Who Can Help

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