Ways to Arrange Flowers

As those garden-fresh flowers start blooming and finding their way inside to be made into arrangements, consider arranging them in various forms, other than just the same cut flowers in a vase. Arranging flowers does not take special skill or expensive supplies, it simply takes a willingness to be creative and use what you have available to create a masterful flower arrangement.


Using a vase is the most common way of arranging flowers. Use any type or style, depending on the size and style of the type of arrangement you want. Wide-mouthed vases hold large groups of flowers for a traditional look, while tall, slender vases with an individual flower creates a sleek, modern style, and a casual arrangement can be made by placing smaller flowers into a short vase. Use vases made of crystal, ceramic, metal or wood and cut flowers to fit the height of the vase. Mix flower food in the water to help flowers last longer.

Foam Balls

Try arranging in foam balls for a playful, creative look. Any size ball can be used, depending on how large or small the area is where the arrangement will be placed. Saturate the foam with water and trim a small piece off the bottom, to create a flat surface for it to sit on. If the ball is going to be hung up, leave it as a perfect sphere. Flowers such as roses, daisies or carnations are most commonly used when making these arrangements. Cut the flower stems to about 2 inches long and insert them all over the foam ball to cover it completely, except on the bottom, if you're placing it on a surface. Place the flower ball on a small plate, bowl or a footed fruit dish for display or attach a piece of ribbon attached to hang the arrangement.


To create a country look, use baskets to arrange flowers. Use any shape and size, without or without handles. Place a floral foam block in the bottom of the basket to hold the flowers securely into place and to keep them moist. Soak the foam ahead of time and set it inside the basket on a small plastic tray to catch any water. Measure the flower stems against the outside of the basket and cut to fit, then insert them into the foam and arrange. Water the foam each day to keep the flowers fresh.


Floating flowers is another way to display flowers, especially for a reception table. Fill shallow, wide-mouthed bowls with a layer of clear or colored glass stones along the bottom. Add water to within about 1 inch of the rim of the bowl. Add food coloring, if desired. Cut the flower heads off the stems and float them directly on top of the water in the bowl. You can also add floating candles to the bowl.

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