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If the idea of sucking on a lemon does not appeal to you, perhaps a miracle berry would make it more palatable. The concept behind miracle berries is a natural chemical they have that binds to taste buds after you eat a berry. As this chemical stays active in your mouth (up to two hours), any sour or bitter foods you eat will taste sweet. Miracle berries grow natively in West Africa, but thanks to Internet marketing, miracle berries are a hot commodity, usually selling out quickly from online sellers.

Step 1

Visit the MiracleFruitUSA website and navigate to the "Berries" page, where you can select the number of fresh berries you wish to purchase. The website offers packages of berries ranging from 20 to 700 berries. The grower freezes the berries immediately after picking them, then vacuum seals them and ships them in dry ice. You have a choice between standard shipping (about three days) and one-day shipping. When you receive the berries, place them directly into the freezer and remove the berries from the freezer when you're ready to eat them. You can eat a frozen miracle berry by allowing it to thaw in your mouth.

Step 2

Navigate to the MiracleFruitMan website and click on the "Buy Now" tab at the top of the website. Select between berry packages from 20 to more than 300. This website also freezes the fresh berries and ships them in dry ice. When you receive your berries, unpack them from the dry ice (while wearing gloves to avoid burns) and place them directly into the freezer for storage. The website recommends using Federal Express 2nd Day delivery to ensure your miracle berries arrive in good condition.

Step 3

Visit the LiveMonarch website to place your name on a waiting list for fresh (not frozen) miracle berries or freeze-dried berries. Freeze-dried berries come in a sealed package and will store for up to a year at room temperature. Fresh miracle berries come still on their stems, wrapped in paper and in a special plastic container to protect them during shipping. The website recommends using overnight shipping to ensure the quality of your berries.

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