Flowers for a Wrist Corsage

A corsage, or "mini-bouquet," is a floral arrangement worn on a lapel or adorning a wrist. Many brides wear wrist corsages in colors that complement their dresses. A big advantage of a wrist corsage is that it leaves your hands free to comfortably greet people, dance, eat and chat, which are difficult to do while holding a bouquet. Making your own wrist corsage costs less than purchasing a store-bought one, and allows you to customize the bouquet with flowers of your choice.


Roses are a very popular choice for wrist corsages, and with good reason--they are available in a wide variety of colors or hues to match any dress. Roses have beautifully formed blooms, which attract attention from a distance. They give off a mild scent that trails subtly behind them. Roses have semi-hardwood stems that support the blooms securely and withstand handling for many hours before beginning to wilt. Choose a rose color that complements your dress, or surround a central brightly colored bloom with buds of a lighter hue. If making a rose wrist corsage for a special person, select a shade that depicts the appropriate emotion. For instance red roses symbolize strong emotions such as love, lust and passion, while white signifies innocence, purity and friendship. Although roses are hardy, refrigerate them prior to the occasion so the blooms remain fresh.


Many people choose orchids to form an exotic and elegant wrist corsage, even thought they do not have a strong fragrance. These beautiful flowers are so delicate that they are usually found at florists' shops nestled on soft cotton. Reinforce the orchid's delicate stems by wrapping floral wire around them. This helps the flowers to last longer. Make a corsage with white Phalaenopsis orchids to match a bright dress; use up to four Dendrobium orchids in fuchsia or white to complement a light- or cream-colored gown, or use a single large Cymbidium orchid in yellow, pink, lime green or white with a similar-colored dress. Surround the orchids with buds or greenery to give the corsage a fuller look, or with decorative lace or trim for added appeal.


Carnations are another popular flower commonly used in wrist corsages. Like the rose, they come in a variety of hues and have a sweet fragrance. Carnations bloom in a wide array of colors and feature semi-hardwood stems. Use same- or different-colored carnations to form a beautiful wrist corsage that matches your dress or the theme of an occasion, or mix with other similar colored flowers such as roses for added appeal. These hardy flowers stand adequate amounts of handling and can be dyed, if necessary, to suit the shade of your dress. Pink carnations signify love for a mother, and many children gift pink carnation corsages on Mother's Day.

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