How to Collect Morning Glory Seeds


The swift and prolific climbing ability of morning glories makes these annual vines a popular addition to sunny growing areas. Provide morning glories with a vertical climbing support and they will energetically climb a trellis or fence while sporting an abundance of brightly colored blossoms. As the blossoms begin to fade and dry, you have the opportunity to collect morning glory seeds for planting in future growing seasons. With proper collection and storage, these seeds will germinate the following spring.

Step 1

Watch the morning glory blossoms as they fade on the vines at the end of the growing season. The blossoms will give way to seedpods that grow and ripen. Wait until the pods shrivel and turn light brown.

Step 2

Clip the dried seedpods from the morning glory vines with the garden shears.

Step 3

Squeeze the harvested pods between your index finger and thumb to extract the seeds within. As you squeeze lightly, the pods should disintegrate easily. Suitable morning glory seeds are black. If you find lighter colored morning glory seeds, discard these because they are not viable.

Step 4

Label an envelope with the seed name and the year and place the morning glory seeds into the envelope. Seal the envelope and store it at room temperature until the next growing season.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden shears
  • Envelope


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