Flower Arrangement Ideas for Christmas

Poinsettias from the grocery store are easy to find, but a variety of other flowers are also readily available and work equally as well for Christmas floral arrangements. Moreover, poinsettias lend themselves to untraditional uses in addition to the potted plants placed next to the fireplace or arranged at your front door. What is most important in arrangements is simply adding any kind of flower and foliage throughout your house to create the festive, holiday feel that Christmas brings.


With the wide variety of colors available and the wide selection of sizes, poinsettias provide a traditional and welcome sign that it's the holiday season. For a break with tradition, use the flowers in different ways. For instance, snip off the flowers from the plant with 3 inches of stems attached and place them in small votive glass vases lined up along the length of the dining table, with bits of greenery and ribbon interlaced between the vases.

Flower Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree arrangement, pictured on the website "Christmas Flower Arrangements" in References, can be as large or as small as needed. A large arrangement would work well on an entry table or a coffee table. Place a foam cone purchased from a craft store inside an attractive shallow bowl. Or use any water container and wrap it with red or green foil tied with a bow. Insert flower stems of any variety of red and white flowers, real or artificial red berries, sprigs of evergreens or holly and sprigs of sparkling white flowers such as baby's breath. Flowers that are readily available in winter such as carnations or roses make good choices for the tree.

Adding Variety

Adding items other than flowers to any arrangement provides visual interest and variety and makes your arrangements unique. For a tall bouquet arrangement, add items glued with a hot glue gun to thin wood dowels, such as white snowflakes from a craft store, small Christmas ornaments, or even decorated gingerbread cookies. "Christmas Flower Arrangements" recommends adding a variety of green leaves to whatever flower arrangement you choose, such as fir, juniper, ivy, holly or whatever green leaves are growing in your area of the country during the wintertime. Add large bows to whatever type of arrangement you use for an extra festive effect.

Adding Fruits and Pine Cones

For low flower arrangements, use florist foam or a florist frog in the bottom of the bowl. Clip flower stems from 1 inch to 5 inches tall and use a large bowl 3 or 4 inches tall. Nestle pomegranates, persimmons, Christmas ornaments or pine cones into the mix of flowers. Green or red grapes dangling over the side of the flower arrangement create a lush and interesting effect. Make the grapes sparkle with either a spray on glitter or a sugar coating made by dipping the grapes in an egg white and water mixture and then sprinkling them with superfine sugar.

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