How to Change the Belt on a Riding Lawn Mower


It's much easier to mow your lawn when you are sitting on a riding lawn mower. A riding lawn mower must be kept in good condition in order to cut your grass with precision and keep it looking well-maintained. The mower belt turns the blade. When the belt becomes worn, it can provide less tension, which makes the mower cut unevenly. If the belt breaks, the blade will not turn and the mower will no longer cut the grass.

Step 1

Set the parking brake on your riding mower. Place something behind the back tire to prevent accidental moving. Use a piece of wood or a large rock.

Step 2

Lower the deck and remove any attachments.

Step 3

Remove the deck on your riding mower. There should be a release switch or two pins that hold the deck into place. Consult your owner's manual for your lawn mower if you are unable to find the release.

Step 4

Locate the belt on the mower. It will be wrapped around three or four different pulleys that are disk shaped. Note the way the belt is wrapped around the pulleys. Draw a rough diagram to note how to put the new belt back on.

Step 5

Unlock the rest of the deck by releasing the lock that is near the belt to provide some slack in the belt.

Step 6

Remove the belt from each of the pulleys. Take the new belt and place it back on the pulleys as illustrated in your diagram. Tighten the lock for the deck back and replace the deck.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Owner's manual


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