Cheap Gardening Tools

High-quality garden tools last for a long time with proper care. Sadly, most gardeners neglect these tools of the landscape trade. Finding cheap, good quality tools requires some hunting through dollar stores, yard sales and your basement storage closet to find the cream of the tool crop. Cheap gardening tools include many items used around the house.


A single roll of twine costs little and performs many tasks around the landscape. Tie up ornamental grass for a neat and tidy pruning session. Use twine to bind branches into bundles for recycling. This thick thread works well to provide support for bean plants when tied between stakes at varying levels.


If you're an annual plant lover, you'll need a sharp pair of shears to dead head and pinch back your crop of annual flowers. Visit the dollar store to pick up a cheap pair of shears. Fancy pruning shears aren't necessary for the common light pruning tasks for perennials and annuals. Save the pruning shears for the ornamental shrubs.


Locate that box full of old silverware and cooking utensils in the basement. Take a close look at each item from a different point of view. Large spoons serve as excellent shovels for planting annuals. Wide-toothed large forks will pop a weed right out of the soil.

Egg Carton

Cardboard egg cartons serve as an excellent seedling tray. These biodegradable containers hold the perfect amount of soil for starting seeds. Fill each pod with soil, drop in seeds and add a light layer of soil. Place the seedling tray on a sheet of aluminum foil as a drip tray. The cardboard absorbs water to provide just enough moisture for seeds to germinate.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap works well as an impromptu greenhouse to help seeds germinate in a moist, warm environment. Stretch a layer of plastic wrap across a seedling pot and secure with tape. Poke a single hole in the wrap to allow airflow and watch your seeds appear. The plastic wrap acts as a mini-greenhouse to keep moisture levels just right for seed germination.

Round Blade Shovel

Some tools simply require purchase by sheer necessity. The trusty round-blade shovel sees way too much use around the landscape to omit this tool from the garden arsenal. Hunt through yard sales for a sturdy shovel that shows little to no wear at the point where the handle attaches to the shovel blade. Clean a rusty shovel blade using soap and water, and use steel wool to remove rust spots. Sharpen the edge with a mill file and you've got a prime garden implement for cheap.

Mill File

The mill file serves as an all-around sharpening tool for all types of garden implements. Files sell for under $5 at most hardware stores. Mill files feature a fine filing surface to sharpen shovels, shears, loppers and hoes. This essential garden tool keeps expensive gardening tools in tip-top working condition.

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