Australian Rose Types

Roses are easy-to-grow flowers that thrive in Australia. Rose plants have a long life expectancy, often living for a hundred years or more. Flowers bloom six to nine months out of the year and adapt well to a variety of soils. Roses require at least 5 hours of full sun each day and need heavy watering twice a week. In Australia, it's best to plant roses in June or July, and no later than October, to ensure abundant blooms.

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses add beauty and color to any Australian landscape design. Shrub roses reach heights between 2 and 5 feet, and bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. Varieties of the easy-growing shrub rose include the well-known Knock Out rose. Bright pink or deep red in color, the Knock Out has a musky violet, lemony fragrance. The unscented Diamond Head is a pure shade of white. The William and Marry rose is silver-pink or bright red in color and has a highly fragrant bloom. Ravensburg roses are a vibrant shade of red with a medium fragrance.

Climbing Roses

Eye-catching climbing roses thrive in flower gardens throughout Australia. Most climbing roses climb to heights of 12 feet or more, and most climbers flower many times over the growing period. The Breeze Hill is a blush-colored, medium-scented rose. Albertine roses are pink in color and produce an old-fashioned rose scent. The bright red Titan is unscented. Ophelia roses are strong-scented and come in shades of light blush pink. Pemberton's White Rambler blooms once per growing season and produces a white cluster of delicate, unscented roses.

Miniature and Patio Roses

Miniature roses grow well in containers, and liven up the patios and porches of Australia's residents. Petite in size, miniature roses range from 24 to 36 inches in height and are repeat bloomers. Hand in Hand miniature roses are orange or bright pink in color and have little or no fragrance. The Glowing Amber produces an unscented, vibrant red rose with a yellow reverse color trim on the petals. Earthquake miniature roses are fragrance-free, in shades of bright yellow or red, and are marked with stripes and spots. The Red Elf is a deep shade of red and has a medium scent.

Wild Roses

Wild roses are found growing in the forests, woods and in backyards all over Australia. Wild roses range from 2 feet to 5 feet in height and grow naturally, with no help from mankind. Rosa Gallica, also known as the French Rose, is bright red to pink in color and has an old fashioned rose fragrance. Rosa canina, commonly called Dog Rose, has a medium scent, blooms once and is light pink, bright pink or white in color. The McCartney rose, Rosa bracteata, is an unscented, white climbing variety of wild rose.

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