How to Grow Fruits & Herbs Indoors


If you live in northern climates or do not have an area to garden, you may feel that you cannot grow fruits and herbs. Using containers allows you to grow both herbs and fruits indoors, provided you have a south- or west-facing window where the plants can receive plenty of light. The size of the container or pot needed will depend on the type of plant.

Growing Fruits Indoors

Step 1

Select dwarf varieties of fruit trees for indoor growing. Good choices include avocado, papaya, pineapple, lime, lemon and fig trees.

Step 2

Fill the bottom of large containers, such as a half-round plastic barrel with holes, with 1 to 2 inches of pea gravel.

Step 3

Fill the large container with a mixture of equal parts potting soil and sand.

Step 4

Remove the fruit tree from its existing container. Dig a hole in the new soil large enough to accommodate the root ball of the tree.

Step 5

Place the root ball in the newly dug hole and cover with the soil mixture. Ensure that the root union, or the grafting splice, is several inches above the soil level.

Step 6

Water the tree until the soil is moist to the touch and water drains from the bottom of the container.

Step 7

Place the tree in front of a south- or west-facing window. Water as needed to keep the soil moist.

Growing Herbs Indoors

Step 1

Choose 6-inch pots or larger for growing herbs indoors.

Step 2

Fill each pot with 1 inch of pea gravel and the soil and sand mixture. Water the pot until the soil is moist and water drains from the bottom.

Step 3

Scatter the desired herb seed over the surface of the moist soil. Press the seed into the soil to ensure good contact. Cover with 1/4 inch of soil mixture.

Step 4

Cover the pots with plastic wrap until the seedlings emerge from the soil. Remove the wrap and place the pots in a south- or west-facing window that receives approximately six hours of sun daily.

Step 5

Thin the plants as directed on the seed package. Water as necessary to keep the soil moist. Turn the plants at least once a day in the window to keep the plants from becoming spindly and weak.

Things You'll Need

  • Various sized containers
  • Rolling container saucers
  • Potting soil
  • Sand
  • Pea gravel
  • Garden Spade
  • Dwarf fruit trees
  • Herb seeds


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