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"Gironde" is a cultivar of the Asiatic lily, which is an easy-to-grow member of the Lilium family, according to the University of Minnesota. Liliums are true lilies, which are signified by their somewhat fragile flower bulbs. Gironde is an early-summer-blooming Asiatic variety and is desirable for its bright yellow flowers.


Gironde lilies grow to a maximum height of 3 feet and a width of 18 inches, according to Bachman's. The flowers are large and trumpet-shaped, and are a bright, sunny yellow color. The stamens are tipped with deep brown. The leaves of Gironde are slender, long, and pale green in color.


Asiatic lilies in general are hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) growing zone 5, according to Texas A&M University, but Gironde is an exceptionally cold-hardy cultivar. This lily is tolerant of cold temperatures all the way to USDA hardiness zone 2 and is the perfect choice for home gardeners who live in cold Northern states.


Gironde does well in full sun or partial shade. It should be planted in full sunlight in the coldest climates, and partial shade in the warmer growing zones. This flower prefers soil that is consistently barely moist, but will adjust to periods of drought. Overly wet soil will rot the fragile flower bulbs, however, so do not plant these flowers where standing water tends to develop. In fact, well-draining soil is essential for these plants, according to the University of Minnesota. Remove spent blooms to encourage new flowering. Cut them back to the ground in late fall. In colder climates, apply a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch over the planting site in the fall to protect the bulbs from hard winter freezes.


Gironde lilies can grow leggy or flop over if not given enough sunlight. Deer love to eat these bulbs, according to Texas A&M University, so protect them if you live in an area that deer frequent. Slugs, snails, aphids, rabbits and other common garden pests may also bother these flowers. Surround them with slug repellent. Plant marigolds, which rabbits do not like, around the lilies. Rinse insects off the plants with a strong stream of water.


Gironde lilies make excellent long-lasting cut flowers, according to the University of Minnesota. They are attractive in any home garden, especially when planted in groups of three or five along a fence or other support structure. These bulbs are also showy when planted in containers and make excellent patio specimens.

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