How to Make a Rose Centerpiece


Roses come in many different colors such as yellow, pink, red, white and orange. They can be used for almost any occasion because each of these colors has a designated meaning. You can look up the meaning to match the event you are planning to determine which color rose to use for your centerpieces. Once you have the color you want, you can add a few inexpensive items to really make the centerpiece pop.

Step 1

Select a decorative vase or bowl to put your roses in. If you are hosting a more elegant party, you may want to go with a silver bowl. If you are hosting something more casual, such as a baby shower, you may want to go with a yellow patterned vase.

Step 2

Purchase a piece of wet floral foam that will fit inside the vase or bowl that you choose. All shapes and sizes of this foam are available so finding one that fits shouldn't be too hard. You can cut the foam to fit if you need to.

Step 3

Review the meaning of the rose colors to pick the right rose color for your specific occasion. Cut the roses from your garden, or purchase then from your local florist or gardening center.

Step 4

Pour a cup of water in a bowl and set your wet floral foam in it. Wait five minutes for the foam to absorb the water and then place it inside your vase or bowl.

Step 5

Cut your rose stems using gardening scissors. The length will depend on the size vase or bowl you choose. Cut one or two and insert them into your floral foam until you see the height you want to have. Then trim the rest of the rose stems to equal that height.

Step 6

Place the first rose in the middle of the floral foam. Add a rose to the north, south, west and east ends of the floral foam.

Step 7

Fill in the open spaces with the rest of your roses.

Step 8

Slide baby's breath in between some of the roses. Baby's breath doesn't take up much room but is lovely to look at. It is white and will match any of the rose colors you chose.

Step 9

Tie a ribbon around the front of the vase or bowl. The ribbon should complement the color of the roses you chose.

Things You'll Need

  • Decorative vase or bowl
  • Wet floral foam
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Fresh roses
  • Gardening scissors
  • Baby's breath
  • Ribbon


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