How to Plant Bougainvilleas


As an Amazon rain forest native, bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) requires, above all, lots of heat. Grown as a vine or shrub, bougainvillea blooms from April to September with papery magenta, peach or white flowers, depending upon the cultivar. The bougainvillea has a delicate root system and should be planted carefully and quickly. The plant has sharp thorns, so wear heavy gloves when working with it.

Step 1

Plant the bougainvillea where it will receive full sun and in soil that is well-drained.

Step 2

Measure the nursery pot in which the bougainvillea is growing. Dig a hole that is the same depth as the pot but three times the width.

Step 3

Tip the pot on its side and slide the bougainvillea out. Place the roots in the planting hole and fill the hole with soil. Gently pat the soil around the base of the bougainvillea to remove any air pockets in the soil.

Step 4

Place a 3-inch layer of mulch on the soil, keeping it 2 inches from the base of the bougainvillea and spread in a 1-foot radius around the plant.

Step 5

Water until the soil is moist, not soggy. ‭

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy gloves
  • Shovel
  • Mulch


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