Family Garden Ideas

There are many interesting gardening projects that involve the family and make for great fun for kids and adults. There are gardens that produce things to eat, gardens that bring specific living or make-believe organisms to the garden and there are gardens that are just fun to play in.

Butterfly Garden

Different plants and flowers attract different types of butterflies or moths. The insects drink the nectar of the plants, lay eggs, spin their cocoons and burst forth with wings in a garden that provides what they need. Keep a journal with pictures of the caterpillars that show up in the garden and then take pictures of the butterflies that flit around. Identify the types of butterflies and count how many different species visit the garden. There are many different plants suitable for a butterfly garden including butterfly bush, black-eyed Susans, daylilies, coreopsis, lavender, lilac, phlox, coneflower, verbena and honeysuckle.

Teepee Garden

A teepee garden is a nice retreat for kids. Build a frame of twigs or bamboo stakes that are about 4 feet long. Use six to 10 of them gathering them at the top with rope. Fan out the bottom part in a teepee shape with one side open to enter the teepee and insert the bottom of the stakes in the ground. The plants will grow around the stakes to make a dense shelter or house. At the base of each stake, plant vining plants like pole beans or morning glories. Spread straw in the inside of the teepee so it doesn't become a muddy mess.

Pizza Garden

Making a pizza garden is a fun way to grow vegetables that kids will want to eat. A circular garden can be created with wedges. Inside the wedges plant tomatoes, basil, peppers, onions and oregano. If the family likes cauliflower or broccoli on a pizza, add more sections. Everything grown in a pizza garden is used to make pizza. The only thing that needs to be added is the crust, cheese and meat.

Rainbow Garden

A rainbow garden should be planted in an area where it can be seen from above, like a second story window or tree. Prepare a crescent or horseshoe shape to be planted. Divide it in bands, like a rainbow. Plant one band with red flowers. A blue band could include blue and purple flowers because blue is hard to find. The green band can be represented with herbs and other green-leaved plants. A yellow band can be both yellow and orange flowers.

Fairy or Miniature Garden

Place a fairy garden in a corner of the garden or in a half whiskey barrel. Use small houses and other miniatures, placing them among the flowers that represent trees. Place a plastic bowl in the garden to make a pool. Use small flat stones as paths and plant moss to make grass.

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