Garden Flower Bed Ideas

Gardens are a blank canvas to create your own one-of-a-kind design within the landscape. Filled with colorful flowers and lush foliage, plants accent the home and help to provide a decorative touch to the space. There are endless ways to fill the garden and many plants and flowers that provide the gardener with endless hours of enjoyment.

Ornamental Border

Create an ornamental flower border within the garden to create a dramatic display that is attractive from every angle of the bed. Ornamental borders are like miniature flowerbeds that help to accent places like a garden wall, fence line or flanking a garden path. For a dramatic border, create a flowerbed border using hot or "fiery" flower colors like deep crimsons, bright yellows and rich oranges. Hot flower colors add a bold display to the garden and complement other plants within the garden. Fiery flowers like red hibiscus, orange zinnias and daylilies make ideal plants to grow among the garden. To create the border, choose taller plants for the back of the flowerbed border for the backdrop to the space. Medium-sized flowers like purple coneflowers and yellow black-eyed Susan are ideal for the middle portion of the border to help fill in the space with their bright blooms. Alongside the front of the bed, add low-growing, colorful flowers like tickseed and cosmos that bring in their bright blooms.

Unthirsty Plants

Unthirsty plants grown within the garden flower bed help to ensure an unfussy, low maintenance bed that can withstand periods of limited moisture. Drought and heat tolerant plants also help to ensure a long-lasting garden, especially during the hot months of summer. Drought-tolerant flowers like purple coneflowers have the ability to dry out but without sacrificing their bright purple to pink, daisy-like blooms that produce masses of flowers during the summer. They grow up to 4 feet tall and have an upright, mounding growth habit that creates a striking look to the garden bed. Another drought-tolerant plant to grow is creeping thyme. As an evergreen ground cover, creeping thyme retains its foliage year-round to provide constant color to the garden. Its purple flowers emerge in late spring to light up the garden and the small, dark green leaves, that when crushed, provide fragrance to the bed.

Butterfly Garden

Plant flowers and plants that attract butterflies to the garden to create your own butterfly garden. Grown in a wide range of shapes, sizes and bloom colors, often bright and colorful blooming flowers bring these winged beauties to the garden. Flowers like black-eyed Susan, coreopsis, purple coneflowers and the pincushion flower attract butterflies to their blooms. Another loved plant by butterflies is the butterfly bush. Butterfly bushes come in a wide range of sizes and blooms colors and will have the bush covered over summer. Black knight butterfly bush, a variety of butterfly bush, is a deciduous shrub with fragrant deep purple to almost black flowers that grow on the clusters or panicles. Beginning in early summer, they are in bloom until frost to create a long-lasting display among the garden.

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