How to Mulch With a Snapper Mower


Mulching your grass, rather than bagging it, returns the nutrients back to the soil and can help you build and maintain a healthy lawn all year. Mulching can also help the soil to retain moisture during hot and dry summer months. It makes your job easier, too: no more hefting, hauling, and emptying a big bag full of grass clippings. A Snapper mower can return mulch to the lawn.

Step 1

Remove the bag from the bag of the Snapper mower by lifting the uppermost handle and sliding the lower handle off the plastic grass receiver attached to the deck.

Step 2

Empty the bag of any accumulated clippings and allow it to air dry thoroughly before putting it away for storage.

Step 3

Place the hard plastic plug into the empty grass receiver. Make sure it is in all the way, or you will have grass clippings blowing out around it and back into your face when you mow.

Step 4

Inspect the black rubber flap on the side of the mower deck for any holes or tears; this flap is what directs the grass clippings out in a light pattern and helps keep them from clumping, so you want it to be in good repair. Ensure it is fastened securely; the pins (or, in some models, the screws) that hold this flap on can rattle loose over time. Replace if necessary.

Step 5

Put on work gloves (if you haven't already) and check the Snapper's blade for a sharp edge; it should be razor-thin at the cutting edge, shiny and free of many indentations or scratches. If your blade does not seem sharp, remove it and have it sharpened. A dull blade will not be able to properly mulch.

Step 6

Raise your height adjustment brackets to the next-to-highest setting; on most Snapper models, this is notch #4.

Step 7

Choose a diagonal or horizontal pattern to walk as you mow your grass, so you will have uniformity as the grass clippings are distributed and will avoid creating layers of grass clippings.

Step 8

Mow over any extremely high or thick spots in the grass twice to distribute the grass clippings.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure the mower is off and on stable ground before removing the bag, installing the plug, inspecting the flap or inspecting the blades. A rolling mower can cause serious injury and death.

Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves


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