Red Rose Types

Whether you choose to grow roses for their scent and beauty in the garden or for arrangements, red has always been a powerful and passionate color for the rose. There are dozens of rose varieties that bloom many different shades of red, including types such as climbers, hybrid teas, grandifloras and floribundas. Some of these are well suited for cutting or are more cold tolerant, while others have won awards for their fragrance.

Hybrid Teas

Hybrid tea roses are a modern, high-centered class that commonly blooms repeatedly throughout the summer. "Crimson Glory" is dark red and known for its fragrance. It won the James Alexander Gamble France Medal for outstanding fragrant rose in 1961. The "Dolly Parton" and "Fragrant Cloud" varieties are orange-red. "Double Delight" is red and white. The "Mister Lincoln" and "Papa Meilland" varieties are dark red hybrid tea roses. These are all listed by "Ortho's Complete Guide to Roses" as being especially fragrant. "Mister Lincoln" is also known to be good for cutting and arranging.


Floribundas are a hardy, low-growing class that is known, as the name points out, for an abundance of blooms. "Spartan" is a type of orange-red floribunda known for its fragrance. The "Marina" variety is orange-red and has been found to be one of the best roses for cutting and arranging, according to a test conducted at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California. The dark red "Europeana" is a particularly cold-tolerant floribunda, hardy into USDA Hardiness Zone 6.


The grandiflora class began with the rose "Queen Elizabeth" and is a cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda. Granifloras are in general the tallest types of roses besides the climbers and so are useful for hedges. The "Ole" variety is orange-red and a great rose for cutting. The varieties called "Prominent," an orange-red rose, and "Viva," a red rose, are also good for cutting. "Love" is a cold-tolerant grandiflora into zone 6 and is a red blend in color.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses have long, stiff canes that can be trained horizontally or upright, but they are not vines and do not have tendrils that cling. "Don Juan" and "Red Fountain" are both dark red climbers known for their fragrance. "Paul's Scarlet," a medium red climber, is known as a particularly cold-tolerant rose and is hardy to zone 5.


Miniature roses illustrate their name in every sense and reach heights of no more than 2 feet. "Secret Beauty" is considered a miniature rose, and it is medium red. It is known in particular for its fragrance. "Magic Carousel" is a red blend miniature that is cold tolerant, as is the miniature variety called "Starina," which is orange-red.

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