House Plant List

Houseplants are kept indoors and are popular as an element of decor. Houseplants can also be beneficial to health because they enhance air quality in a home by emitting oxygen and absorbing pollutants. Houseplants can be purchased easily at garden stores. There are many varieties of common houseplants.

Chinese Evergreens

Chinese evergreens are common houseplants that are popular due to being extremely easy to grow. They are known scientifically as Aglaonemas. The ornamental plants often appear in homes, offices and shopping centers. Chinese evergreens are highly tolerant and durable and consist of variegated or deep green or silver-green foliage. The leaves of the plant are big. The plants can flourish for years. They require moderate watering and lighting that is moderate to low.

Majesty Palm

Majesty palms are common houseplants that require an abundance of bright light and water. Majesty palms are referred to scientifically as Ravenea rivularis. The plants also need a lot of fertilizer--every three months or so. The plants originate in the African nation of Madagascar and have large crowns. Majesty palms can be propagated via seed, and do well in soil that is well-drained. The houseplants thrive in medium light and should be located between 5 and 8 feet away from a window. One common problem for majesty palms is the pests known as spider mites. To combat spider mites, mist the plants two times a day with a solution of soap and water.

Sago Palm

Sago palms are houseplants that, despite their names, are not technically palms but rather cycads. The scientific name for sago palms is Cycas revoluta. Sago palms also frequently appear in botanical gardens, as well as in tropical and temperate regions all around the planet. Sago palms are also often called king sago, palm cycad and sago palm tree. These plants need bright to moderate light and low levels of water. Sago palms are notable for their leaves, which resemble plastic. The branches are feathery and green. To maintain the shape of a sago palm, slightly turn it every few days. Sago palms are relatively hardy and do not have specific temperature or humidity requirements. They grow extremely slowly.

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