How to Grow Container Herb Gardens for Profit


Growing herbs for profit is a good way to earn extra money or to build a gardening career. This type of business can easily be run from home, or an area can be rented. A large greenhouse is not necessary to begin with, but will be helpful if the business owner wants to expand on the amount of herbs she is selling. A stand can be set up as the selling area, or tables may be used.

Legal Matters

Step 1

Create a business plan. Do market research and think about funding methods. Know what your market wants and where funding can be obtained. Name the business. Visit the town hall to legalize this and to be sure that no one is using the name you choose. Have a few name options listed just in case. Obtain a business license and any permits necessary from the town hall, and research the town, county and state where the business will be in order to learn the regulations that must be complied with.

Step 2

Plan a marketing strategy. Consider all possibilities. Make it known that organic compost, seeds and cuttings are being used. Print fliers and business cards. Create a website, if not for selling then for informational purposes.

Step 3

Collect needed materials. Use organic compost because it will provide nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. Purchase organic seeds or cuttings to start the plants with. Using heirloom seeds will provide herbs that are more disease resistant and have a higher yield. Purchase containers, and labels for each type of herb being sold. Reuse containers, and put the word out to friends, neighbors and customers that donations of these items are always welcome. Consider offering a small amount of money to purchase containers back. Visit other nurseries and see about collecting their unwanted items. Use a spade and a hand trowel to do the gardening, and purchase tables for displaying the herb pots, and create an area for selling and talking with customers.

Step 4

Compost continuously, as this material is important to the business. Start a new compost pile each year for three or four years and a good system will have been started. Use mini greenhouses to begin the business with until a larger greenhouse can be purchased. Use cold frames to extend the growing season.

Things You'll Need

  • Business fliers
  • Business cards
  • Business website
  • Compost
  • Seeds
  • Cuttings
  • Containers
  • Labels
  • Spade
  • Hand trowel
  • Tables
  • Greenhouse
  • Cold frames


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