Tropical Flower Types

Tropical flowers are popular all around the world due to their attractive, exotic appearances and sweet fragrances. Tropical flowers are plants that originate and naturally flourish in regions of the world that have tropical climates, such as Hawaii, Brazil, western Africa and southern Asia. There are many different types of tropical flowers to seek out for your garden.


Chrysanthemums are tropical flowers that are part of the Asteraceae family. The vibrant flowers appear in various different colors, including purple, white and red. The plants originate in Asia and are also commonly known as both chrysanths and mums. They are popular ornamental flowers due to their sometimes daisylike, sometimes pom-pom-like showy appearances, but they also have a diverse array of uses, including insecticidal, culinary, medicinal and environmental.


Laelias are tropical orchids that are part of the Orchidaceae family. The flowers appear on long and graceful scapes called inflorescences. The flowers are purple or pink and are notable for their purple lips (also called pouches) that, near the column, become white. As laelias are relatively easy to cultivate, they are one of the most popular orchid varieties collected. The flowers appear in temperate and subtropical regions of Central America, particularly in Mexico. The plants thrive under conditions that are warm, dry and sunny.


Sampaguitas are tropical flowers that are the official national flower for the Asian island nations of the Philippines and Indonesia. Sampaguitas originate in southeastern Asia. The flowers are known scientifically as Jasminum sambac, and have soft and sweet fragrances. Other common names for these tropical flowers include Arabian jasmine, Philippine jasmine, mogra, beli, pikake and melati. The plants are evergreen shrubs or vines and grow to between 3 and 9 feet in height. The flowers appear in clusters of between 3 and 12; they open in the evening and close in the morning.

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