Unusual Containers for Plants

Terra cotta pots and wooden flower boxes are classic staples in any home garden. Still, it is always a treat to see plants sprouting from unusual containers. Such items are not only visually interesting, but also add a surprisingly personal touch to the landscape. Almost anything can be used as a container, according to the University of Georgia, as long as drainage holes can be added to it and it is strong enough to hold soil and the plant.

Coffee Pots or Tea Kettles

Coffee pots and tea kettles make excellent containers for plants. They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors, from sleek and sliver to colorfully patterned. Use a hammer and nails to add drainage holes to the bottom, or a drill. Try trailing a vine out of the spout, and attach the lid artfully to the side of the teapot with hot glue or double-sided tape so that the flowers can peek out the top.

Children's Toys

Children's toys add a fun feeling to a home garden. An old red wagon, for example, can be a joyful bed for classic bedding plants such as impatiens and petunias. A toy truck can feature a profusion of geraniums "spilling out" from the lifted bed of the truck. Children's plastic sand pails are perfect colorful containers for daisies.

Wire Birdcages

Wire birdcages add a romantic touch to an English cottage garden. Entwine climbing roses around the bars and through the cage, or hang a few cages amongst the branches of a wisteria vine. Or, place a cluster of small pots with African violets inside a wire birdcage for an elegant indoor plant display.

Old Eaves and Gutters

These are a terrific alternative to a window box. They are easy to customize, as you can them to the size you want. You can also attach a chain to either end of a gutter or eave and hang it much like a swing (keep in mind that the soil will make them heavy, however). English ivy and other trailing plants look terrific spilling out of them.


Home gardeners who live by a beach should be on the lookout for interesting pieces of driftwood. Many pieces of driftwood have natural depressions that will easily hold soil and plants, especially shallow-rooted plants such as "Hens and Chicks" or Lobelia. These add a rustic, natural look to casual home gardens.

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