Easy Gardening Plants

Gardening can be a little daunting to a beginner. Knowing what plants to put in that are easy enough for a beginner or someone without a lot of time to garden is tough. Finding a couple of easy-to-grow plants to give you a well-rounded garden will provide beauty as well as a place to grow your own food.


Basil is delicious and beautiful. It works as an edge plant to line borders, or in pots to keep the plant contained. They're very hardy and resistant to disease. They need full sun, and careful watering to prevent rot. Basil does very well alongside tomatoes. Basil is a lively herb that emits a delicious aroma similar to anise. It is an all-around plant that is beautiful to look at, good to eat and lovely to smell.


Tulips are flower garden favorites. They make excellent container plants for those with limited ground space, as well. Tulips are tall and hardy plants that bloom early in the spring. They come in many colors so you can mix and match, or use a uniform color to outline paths and edges. Tulips do not require a great deal of work once the bulb is planted, but they should be removed each fall and replanted in the spring to protect the bulbs from rot.


Whether you are planting a garden by yourself, or you enlist the help of your young children, tomatoes are a great choice. Gardening with kids gives them many valuable lessons and provides time for you to get closer to them, and them to get closer to nature. Tomatoes are an excellent choice because they are delicious and easy to grow. With reasonable care, they are large, healthy plants that produce bumper crops of juicy, red fruit. They have a few common diseases such as blight and bottom end rot, and are prone to tomato worms, but all are easy to combat and even prevent. There are several varieties of tomatoes that bloom at various times so you can have a couple of them and have tomatoes to harvest from late spring to early fall.

Holiday Amaryllis

The holiday amaryllis is a big, beautiful flower plant with bright colors that blooms fast and quickly. The amaryllis is a rare perennial in that it flowers right away, in the first year. It takes a minimal amount of work---planting, fertilizing, watering and weeding the surrounding area is enough to keep it healthy. Holiday amaryllis is another bulb type plant that does best if brought inside during winter months. Plant them in containers for easy movement in and out, or dig up the bulbs and store in a cool, dark place for the dormant period.

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