How to Cut a Leyland Cypress


Leyland cypress is part of the evergreen family and has the traditional Christmas tree shape. The tree is a fast grower and can grow up to 4 feet annually. It tops out at around 50 to 70 feet. For this reason it should be planted only in locations that can comfortably accommodate the tree's fullness. The tree requires no cutting to keep its pyramid shape, and pruning should be done only to maintain the health of the tree. Plan to use loppers to cut small branches and a pruning saw for larger branches.

Step 1

Cut and remove any long sideshoots during the tree's first growing season.

Step 2

Cut and remove any diseased, damaged or dead branches.

Step 3

Cut and remove any branches that rub against each other. Opt to remove the smaller branch.

Step 4

Cut and remove any branches that rub on structures.

Step 5

Cut and remove any suckers that sprout from the tree's trunk or root system. Suckers will be smooth and have no bark.

Step 6

Avoid cutting the top branches of your Leyland cypress, as it will take away from the tree's rounded top shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Loopers
  • Pruning saw


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  • Virginia Tech: A Guide to Successful Pruning, Evergreen Tree Pruning Calendar

Who Can Help

  • Clemson University: Leyland Cypress
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