Homemade Wood Tomato Cages


Growing your own tomatoes can be as delicious as it is rewarding. To get the best health and production from your plants, it's important to keep tomatoes growing vertically. Growing tomatoes vertically requires a cage or trellis system to support the weight of the plant and growing fruits. While you can buy tomato cages at most garden centers, you can make homemade wood tomato cages for hardly any money and in very little time.

Step 1

Lay a post down on a flat surface. Measure and mark a point in the center of the post 6 inches down from the top. Mark a second point a foot away from the first, and then a third point a foot below the second.

Step 2

Drill a ¾-inch hole all the way through the post at each of the three points you have marked. Mark the other three posts following step one and drill holes at each point.

Step 3

Lay a post down on a flat surface and rotate it so it isn't lying on a side with holes in it. Measure and mark a point a foot down from the top. Mark two more points spacing them every foot below the first.

Step 4

Drill ¾-inch holes into these new points all the way through. Repeat step three to mark each of the other three posts and then drill holes in them as well so all four posts have six holes each.

Step 5

Lay two posts on the ground a foot apart so they are resting on the edge with the holes, which start a foot down from the top. Run a dowel rod through both posts in the hole, which starts six inches down. Run two more dowel rods through the other two holes, which align to form what looks like a ladder.

Step 6

Repeat step five with the other two posts and three of the dowel rods. Stand up your two ladder-like sets and hold them a foot apart. Run the six remaining dowel rods through each set of holes to form a square cage.

Step 7

Place the cage where you need it to be in the garden. Make adjustments as needed to widen the cage up to 2 feet. Push each of your posts 6 inches into the ground to hold the cage in place. The tomato plant should be set in the center of the cage.

Things You'll Need

  • Four 2-by-2 posts, four feet tall
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill with ¾-inch bit
  • Twelve ¾-inch oak dowel rods, two feet long


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