How to Prepare Daylily Seeds


If you do not properly prepare your deciduous daylily seeds before you sow them, they are unlikely to germinate. In order to grow, certain types of daylily seeds must first be exposed to cold to mimic the low temperatures of temperate winter soil. This period of cold signals the seed that spring is coming and it must prepare itself to germinate. This cold "winter" period can easily be replicated by stratifying daylily seeds in the refrigerator. Once prepared in this manner, they can be planted outdoors or into seed flats in spring.

Step 1

Fill a polyethylene bag with a few inches of moistened vermiculite.

Step 2

Insert the seeds into the vermiculite so they are covered by an inch or so of vermiculite on all sides.

Step 3

Store the seeds in the refrigerator for eight weeks. Check on the bag periodically to make sure the vermiculite has not dried out. If it has, spray it with water.

Step 4

Remove the bag from the refrigerator and the seeds from the bag. Allow them to dry. Store them in a sealed container at room temperature until you are ready to plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Polyethylene bag
  • Vermiculite
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Container


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