Potted Garden Ideas

Potted gardens feature a container paired with the inspiration of a gardener. This type of garden allows the designer to create a beautiful landscape feature in a small space. Potted gardens consist of both single pots and grouped pots to create interest in the outdoor living space. Potted gardens require planning to select plants with similar growing requirements. Selections must feature the same lighting, watering and fertilizing needs for the potted garden to thrive throughout the growing season.

Tropical Shade Pots

Tropical plants add foliage interest to landscape container gardens. The fine needle-like leaves of the asparagus fern or the wide leaves of a Boston fern provide foliage-rich display in a potted environment. Dracaena, a common upright houseplant, has long been used as a spike in potted garden displays. The upright growth habit of the plant adds height to container displays. Select a few shade tropical plants for a single large pot. Choose a flowering shade annual such as impatiens or petunia. If you prefer a foliage heavy pot, add the shade loving coleus with its beautiful variegated red and green leaves mixed with traditional tropical plants. To salvage the tropical plants before the first frost, remove the plants from the outdoor potted garden and transplant with fresh soil in clean containers for placement indoors.

Grouped Pot Garden

Some potted gardens simply move gracefully from one display to the next. Try placing pots made of similar materials in a corner of the patio or deck. Choose different heights and shapes to add variety. Check the sunlight for the location and select plants tolerant to those growing conditions. Vary heights of annuals and include a few perennials such as ornamental grass or hosta for texture and foliage interest. Intersperse blooming flowers between the pots in a riot of color or choose one to two particular colors as a focal point. The effect of these filled pots brings the garden immediately into the living space.

Perennial Pot Garden

Container gardens lend themselves to annual plants for simple convenience. Gardeners plant annuals for an instant and continuous floral display throughout the summer. Perennial plants get overlooked as a viable alternative in a potted garden. Select perennials such as day lily or sweet William that flower for long periods of time. In the fall, shelter these plants against the side of the house and mound mulch around the container sides. An alternative to overwinter potted perennials involves digging a hole in the garden to sink the plant halfway underground. Both methods allow perennials to overwinter in their potted homes to provide a floral display for many years.

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