The Easiest Way to Plant Grass


Many homeowners will at some point need to plant grass. Your grass may have been wiped out by foot traffic or your dog digging it up, or perhaps the area surrounding your new house is just dirt. You can plant grass seed to patch small areas any time of year. For large areas, plant grass in August or September when the temperature is best for germination. The easiest way to plant grass and to ensure it grows requires homeowner interaction until the lawn is established.

Step 1

Use a high-quality grass seed, which is less likely to contain weed seeds and may have a mixture of seeds, like ryegrass and Kentucky blue grass, for better grass texture.

Step 2

Rake the lawn with a garden rake to loosen the soil to the depth of the tines of rake. Optimally, a rototiller should be used to work the soil. Raking can also be used to level the soil, remove rocks and break clumps of dirt.

Step 3

Cast seed by hand or using grass seed spreader. To cast by hand, hold grass seed in a loosely clenched fist and then flick your wrist, allowing seeds to slip through your fingers. For either method, walk the length of the area while spreading the seed, then repeat the seeding process, but at a right angle to ensure all areas are covered.

Step 4

Water lightly to moisten the soil. Keep the soil moist until the grass sprouts. After the grass sprouts, water less often but water longer so the soil is more deeply moistened, encouraging the roots of the grass to establish.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden rake
  • Grass seed spreader (optional)


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