Flowers for Tall Vases

Tall flowers are ideal mixed together or used along to form an attractive bouquet that creates a striking centerpiece or display within the home. Oftentimes the best flowers for tall vases are those that have erect, rigid stems that hold the flowerhead up and keep the arrangement looking fresh. Grown in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, tall flowers create a commanding presence when tucked into a tall vase.

Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica) is a perennial flower that grows in late spring to early summer and is best grown in USDA zones 3 to 9. It has tall, rigid stems that hold the bright flowerhead that comes in deep purples, bright blues and rich garnets. The erect stems and bright flowers of Siberian iris make an ideal bloom for tall vases. The grass-like, narrow and arching leaves on Siberian iris are linear and vase-shaped to appear in clumps at the base of the flower. Siberian iris grows best in full sun to part shade and wet, fertile soils that are slightly acidic. They tolerate a wide range of soil varieties.


Zinnia (Zinnia elegans) is an annual flower that has 30-inch-tall stems that hold the bright flowerheads, ideal for a tall vase. The 2-inch-wide flowerhead ranges in colors from red, yellow and white to orange and purple and are single, semi-double or double in form. Zinnia has a vigorous growth rate and is both deer- and drought-tolerant, making an ideal flower variety. The bushy foliage and deep green leaves on zinnia help to make up their clumping growth habit. The flowerheads on zinnia are long-lasting to keep the vase in color for a long period of time. To keep the vase looking vibrant, remove the spent zinnia blooms from the vase as soon as they are visible. Zinnia flowers require full sun and well-drained soil.


Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) are an herbaceous perennial flowers that are suitable in USDA zones 7 to 10 and flower from spring to fall. They grow 1 to 3 feet tall with a maximum spread of 1-foot wide, making for an ideal flower to nestle within a tall vase. The two-lipped, closed, tubular-shaped flowerheads on snapdragons grow on upright racemes and range in colors from yellow, pink, red, orange and white to peach, purple and bi-colored blooms that have more than one color mixed together. The 3-inch-long lance-shaped leaves on snapdragons are glossy and dark green. Snapdragons grow best in full sun and well-drained moist soil that is nutrient-rich.

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