Landscaping Gardening Ideas

Enhance the landscape and garden with favorite plants and other outdoor accessories that harmonize with the home's exterior and surrounding design. Create and add inviting features like meandering paths, outdoor living spaces and other garden structures to help personalize the space. To keep yourself organized, sketch out a plan to refer to as you go along. Don't be afraid to add or remove items as you develop the landscape.

Ornamental Border

Garden borders filled with bright flowers and plants create a vibrant burst of color within the garden and look attractive from any angle. Filled with a mix of different plant sizes, ornamental borders help to define outdoor garden spaces such as along fencelines and garden walls or flanking a garden path. To create a mixed ornamental border, plant tall plants like elephant's ear, hollyhocks and hydrangea in the back of the bed to provide a backdrop to the space and create height within the landscape. Medium-sized plants like zinnia, shasta daisies, daylilies, coneflowers and coreopsis all have upright, clumping forms that help to fill in the border and create a full look to the space. Low-maintenace, low-growing plants like creeping thyme, evergreen candytuft and hardy ice plant are ideal to plant along the front of the bed to creep and meander along the border.

Private Patio

Create a private patio to use for outdoor living and dining. Patios are ideal tucked within the landscape to be surrounded by lush greenery and bright and colorful flowers. Patios are versatile and can be made to fit within small or large areas within the landscape and garden. Made from materials like brick, flagstone, slate and pebbles, they create a private oasis to use all year round. To create a private patio, lay down a durable stone like flagstone. A circular shape is ideal to create a curving patio that can be tucked anywhere within the garden. Leading off of a perennial bed or tucked within a vegetable garden, they are the ideal spot to sit back and watch the garden grow. To add another layer of color, add flower-filled containers around the patio.

Container Garden

Plant a large one-pot garden to use for growing your favorite vegetables. Large containers are ideal for any size garden and landscape. They can be crammed full of favorite vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, squash and herbs like basil, cilantro and sage. Vegetable container gardens are made from a wide range of materials including glazed pots, wood barrels and galvanized water troughs. Galvanized water troughs are an ideal container to use because they hold a lot of plants and can be nestled along a patio, front yard or tucked into an existing garden. They also have a sleek look about them that resembles brushed metal. To create your vegetable container, make sure the container has drainage holes drilled into the trough to ensure the water disperses through and down to the roots of each plant. Vegetables and herbs also need a lot of sunlight so make sure the pot is situated in a spot that receives at least six to eight hours of direct sun per day.

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