How to Make a Perennial Garden


Perennial plants have life cycles of more than two years. They are often used in gardens because of their longevity and ability to flower for many years. Making a perennial garden does not require a lot of experience; once completed, they require very little care other than some occasional pruning and general maintenance.

Step 1

Choose a location for your garden. Although you will want the location to be visually pleasing and in close proximity to your outdoor living space, perennial plants need an area that has good air circulation, ample sunlight and proper irrigation.

Step 2

Draw the garden area out on paper. It is often helpful to see what the finished design will look like by drawing out the details on paper. Keep in mind that perennial plants can live for many years--some become quite large and spread out over several feet.

Step 3

Use a garden hose to outline the garden area in the design you have created. Make changes to the design by moving the garden hose to create curves or shapes.

Step 4

Prepare the garden site by removing weeds, existing grass and rocks from the area. Use edging to help define the space and give it a cleaner look. This will also help keep grass from invading the garden area.

Step 5

Decide what type of perennial plants you want. There are many varieties of perennial plants to choose from. Consider grouping certain colors together or adding in herbal perennials that can be used for cooking or decorating. Once you have your list, you will then be ready to go shopping for your perennial plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose
  • Spray paint
  • Edging


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