How to Create Boutonnieres


Creating a handmade boutonniere for a special occasion opens the creativity to choose the type and color of flower along with accent foliage. Make a simple boutonniere with a single rose and baby's breath, or experiment with a tropical flower set in front of colorful plant leaves. Once the technique is learned, the creative boutonniere juices can flow. Homemade boutonnieres require few supplies and are low in cost to create after purchasing the flowers.

Step 1

Select a single flower for the focal point of the boutonniere. Roses are a commonly used flower, but most flower blossoms will work.

Step 2

Lay two large green leaves on a flat surface, followed by a small section of fern foliage or sprig of baby's breath.

Step 3

Set a 5-inch length of wire on top of the foliage and place the flower above that so the wire top is just below the blossom. Set the flower so the accent foliage sticks out 1/2 inch above.

Step 4

Hold all stems together and adjust the flower and foliage so it lying in a desirable position. Wrap the green floral tape tightly around the stems and wire to hold the boutonniere in place. Start wrapping just below the flower blossom to the bottom of wire.

Step 5

Wrap the wrapped wire protruding below the stems around a pencil to create a corkscrew. Make a bow out of 1/2- or 1/4-inch wide ribbon and attach it below the flower blossom with green floral wire.

Step 6

Attach the flower boutonniere to clothing by sticking a corsage pin through the fabric, into the wire-wrapped stems and through the fabric on the other side of the stems.

Things You'll Need

  • Flower with stem
  • Accent greens
  • Floral wire
  • Wire clipper
  • Florist tape
  • Ribbon bow
  • Corsage pin


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