The Best Summer Flowers to Plant

The best summer flowers to plant are annuals. An annual is a plant that completes its entire life cycle in one season. In other words, it flowers, possibly sets seeds and dies within a single growing season. The reason annuals are the best summer flowers to plant is because they offer a continual bloom all summer long, which is something most gardeners strive for. You can grow annuals directly in your flowerbeds or you plant them in containers.


Cosmos are one of the best summer flowers to plant if you are seeking something that will reseed itself from year to year. Cosmos can reach 6 feet tall, but there are shorter varieties that are a mere 3 feet tall. Cosmos bloom all summer long. The flowers come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, purple, orange and yellow. The flowers may be single, double or even picotee. A new variety that is getting gardeners' attention is the Double Rose Bobon series. The lacy, fern-like foliage of cosmos can soften a flower border. If you are trying to attract butterflies or hummingbirds into your garden, be sure to plant some cosmos.


Impatiens are an old-fashioned plant that many gardeners rely on from year to year to add color to the shade garden. They are easy to care for and do as well in containers as they do in the ground. If you have a shady area in your yard, one of the best summer flowers to plant there are impatiens. There are many new varieties of impatiens on the market, such as those that will thrive in the sun and those with flowers that resemble miniature roses. As summer progresses, these annual flowers may get a bit leggy. Simply give them a quick trim with a pair of garden shears. In a few weeks, they will put out new leaves and new flowers. Annual impatiens are one of the best summer flowers to grow because they bloom nonstop all summer long.

Wave Petunias

Petunias have long been one of the best summer flowers to plant. The old-fashioned petunias required frequent deadheading to keep them looking nice. Then along came the Wave petunia. Wave petunias prefer full sun, but they can also thrive in partial sun. These are annual plants, so you will need to replant them every year. They can be grown from seed, but be sure to look for the Wave series, since the old-fashioned petunias are also available as seeds. Wave petunias come in a variety of colors as well as flower styles. The Wave petunia does not require much care, other than regular watering. It spreads like crazy and adds a "wave" of color to flowerbeds and containers alike.

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