Miniature Garden Ideas

Miniature gardens are where gardening and model-making meet. Arranged in the right way, tiny plants can dwarf dolls and create landscapes, giving the illusion of broad herbaceous plants, towering trees and large, exotic flowers. Miniature gardens are great projects for beginning gardeners because the stakes are so low; if one of your small plants sickens or dies, you can usually grow another one quickly or buy one inexpensively.

Dinosaur Garden

Make a dinosaur garden for a dramatic, prehistoric look. Build a volcano out of paper mache and place it on top of a flat container of soil. Grow miniature ferns and spider plants, along with small succulents, to give the garden a steaming, tropical feel. Add moss along with sand and rocks for texture. Place dinosaur models in the garden, along with chicken bones or other bones from small animals, arranged to look like the remains of a dinosaur.

Dollhouse Front Yard

Build a small front yard for a dollhouse. Plant a rectangular patch of moss for a front lawn or, for a low-maintenance alternative, lay down a layer of model railway grass. Make a path from the front door, either by laying down a layer of sand or by placing a number of small tiles in a straight line. Add one "tree" on the yard for shade. Use a bonsai tree or a sapling to get the right scale. Add small flowering tillandsia in front of the house for a garden. Finally, arrange dollhouse furniture out front. Put in a small bench, a picnic table, patio chairs or anything else for the dolls to enjoy themselves outdoors.

Miniature Cactus Garden

A miniature cactus gardens is one of the easiest mini gardens to take care of. The plants grow slowly and require little to grow indoors aside from a sunny window and occasional watering. Fill a terra cotta planter with cactus planting mix and plant a variety of small, ornamental cacti and succulents. Mulch the garden with gravel and add decorative rocks and small pieces of driftwood to create a desert landscape.

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