Garden Decor Tips

Flowers seem the logical decoration for a garden plot. The bright colors and beautiful foliage grab center stage. Some gardeners prefer to add their very own touch to the landscape with statues, ornaments, bird feeders and birdbaths. Others choose abstract sculpture or everyday items to incorporate into the garden décor. Each garden provides a unique décor opportunity based on the preferences of the individual gardener.

Seating Areas

A seating area in the garden plot invites visitors to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labors. Selections range from simple benches to ornate scrollwork bistro chairs with small tables. A simple wicker chair provides a viewing spot when placed directly in the garden. Wooden or vinyl Adirondack chairs in a relaxing off-white color creates contrast in the garden, as well as functionality in the outdoor living space.

Clay Pots

The neutral tones of clay pots blend with the garden's earth tones. The gentle orange color provides a stable backdrop for shade or sun-loving flowers. Pots don't only belong on a porch, patio or deck. Tuck terra cotta pots or plastic planters directly into the garden to increase the vertical interest. Groups of various sized clay pots form an interesting decorative garden-within-a-garden design. Tip a few pots onto the side, fill with potting soil and plant with trailing paints such as ivy or petunia.

Wagon Wheel

An old-fashioned wagon wheel creates texture and provides the gardener opportunity to place plants around this focal point. Twine a vine annual through the spokes after burying the wheel about 6 inches deep for stability. Lean the wheel against the fence as an impromptu trellis to support a fledgling rose bush. Pair the wagon wheel with traditional decorative items such as a wooden wheelbarrow or trough to enhance the rustic look of the landscape.


Manufacturers create arbors in flexible, sturdy materials for easy installation in the landscape. These garden structures feature tall sides and a curved arch at the top. Twine a vine annual or perennial along the wooden sides or train a climbing rose bush to cover portions of the structure. Arbors invite visitors to investigate the garden. The shape of these garden structures suggests a doorway to another discovery. Consider the careful placement of the arbor for use as a transitional decorative tool to other landscape areas or as a contemplative spot for enjoying the garden view.

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