How to Hang Metal Flower Baskets


Metal flower baskets offer benefits for the hanging plant enthusiast. You can line the metal basket with mosses, fabrics, coconut or other materials. You can plant flowers through the lining to hang upside down and to fill out the undersides of the baskets. Some baskets are so thoroughly planted that no basket is visible and instead the arrangement appears to be a ball of flowers or plants. Hang a metal flower basket so it's secure enough to hold the weight of the basket, soil and plants.

Step 1

Fill the metal flower basket with liner, flowers and soil and water it well. Weigh the basket to determine the weight. Select screw eyes that are rated to hold that much weight.

Step 2

Drill a hole into an overhead beam. The drill bit should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw eye. Screw the screw eye into the beam. If the eye becomes hard to turn, insert the metal shank of a screwdriver into the eye and use the handle as leverage to turn the eye. Screw until no threads are visible.

Step 3

Hang the basket using the small chains attached around the perimeter of the rim. Make sure the chains are not caught on any metal decoration so that the basket will hang evenly. Place the large S-hook through the eye hole in the screw eye. If the basket hangs too low, use small S-hooks to shorten the existing chain. If the basket is too high, use bolt cutters and cut a piece of chain the length you need to add.

Step 4

Thread the existing large S-hook into one end of the chain and a new large s-hook into the other end of the chain and into the eye hook.

Step 5

Mount shepherd's type hooks to vertical posts, walls, or fences. Screw exterior wood screws through the hook brackets and into the wood. Check the weight requirements of the hook and select a metal flower basket that is within the weight range of the hook. Try to mount hooks high so that hanging pots will not bump people on the head or interrupt their view.

Step 6

Add stake-mounted shepherd's-style hooks directly to the garden. Drive the stakes into the soil using a mallet. Position the free-standing hooks so that they do not overhang any area where people sit or walk. Turn the plants for the best view.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal plant basket
  • Screw eye
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • S-hooks
  • Chain
  • Bolt cutters
  • Shepherd's hook
  • Shepherd's stake
  • Mallet


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