How to Water Bermuda Grass Seed


Bermuda grass is often the grass of choice for sports fields and golf courses, but is also popular on home lawns. It can withstand regular foot traffic and up to 60 days of drought. The first step in growing a lush lawn of Bermuda grass is to plant the seeds. Once you've planted the seeds, watering becomes crucial. A proper watering regimen will ultimately result in a high seed germination rate.

Step 1

Arrange sprinklers in your yard so all areas of your lawn will get water. If you are unable to set up enough sprinklers to do this, you will need to move the sprinklers around after you use them in one area of the lawn.

Step 2

Run the sprinklers for 30 minutes immediately after planting the seeds. This should be enough time to thoroughly moisten the soil to a depth of at least ½ inch.

Step 3

Check the soil every eight hours to ensure it is moist. As soon as it begins to dry out, water it for 20 minutes.

Step 4

Continue the watering regimen every day for the first three weeks, or until the grass is well established.

Things You'll Need

  • Sprinklers


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