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Alpine strawberries are the small and highly flavorful cousin of the wild strawberry. They grow in the warm spring and summer seasons as do cultivated strawberries, but are more perishable and difficult to transport as they must be picked when ripe and not before. According to Washington State University, Alpine strawberries can be ordered as established plants or as seed. Unlike, cultivated strawberries, Alpine strawberries readily grow true from seed and will self sow and re-seed each year. Their deep flavor and relative rarity make them more costly than cultivated strawberries, so be prepared to pay a premium for live plants, with seeds being relatively inexpensive.

Step 1

Order established plants from reputable strawberry farmers, plants dealers or nurseries via online or catalog sales. Plants can be ordered in fall or winter and will be shipped in spring and ready for planting when the last frost has passed. As of 2010, a half dozen Alpine strawberry plants in 4-inch pots, grown organically and pesticide free, can be purchased for less than $49 inclusive of shipping and handling.

Step 2

Purchase Alpine strawberry seeds ordered from seed catalogs, online nurseries and edible seed or fruit seed specialists. As of 2010, a single packet of roughly 100 seeds can be ordered and purchased for less than $6 inclusive of shipping and handling.

Step 3

Order mature hanging basket plantings that will not require transplanting into the ground for hassle free and larger harvests of fruit sooner. As of 2010, a 10-inch diameter hanging basket of organically grown Alpine strawberries can be ordered and purchased for less than $60 inclusive of shipping and handling.


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