How to Plant Bamboo As a Screen


Bamboo can work as a good natural screen and wind break. How difficult planting bamboo as a screen is will depend on the type of bamboo you are planting. There are two general types of bamboo: clumping bamboo and bamboo that reproduces using runners, or running bamboo. Running bamboo can become invasive and will need to be planted inside a plastic or concrete bamboo barrier. You do not need to plant clumping bamboo inside a bamboo barrier.

Step 1

Prepare the soil. If you are planting running bamboo, dig down 36 inches. If you are planting clumping bamboo, dig down 18 inches. Loosen the soil if planting clumping bamboo, remove the soil to leave a 36-inch deep hole for running bamboo.

Step 2

Line the hole with a bamboo barrier if planting running bamboo. Commercial plastic barriers are available. Lining the sides of the hole with concrete is also a good bamboo barrier. Backfill the hole. If planting clumping bamboo, skip this step.

Step 3

Plant bamboo rhizome eyes about eight inches below the surface of the soil.

Step 4

Mulch the bamboo with an inch or two of straw or other organic mulch. The mulch will help reduce problems with weeds, and will also help reduce evaporation from the soil.

Step 5

Give your newly planted bamboo an inch or two of water two to three times a week, depending on natural rainfall and your local growing conditions. Newly planted bamboo needs moist soil, but not soil that is soaking wet.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Bamboo barrier, if planting running bamboo
  • Bamboo rhizomes
  • Mulch


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