Whimsical Garden Ideas

A whimsical garden can offer unexpected beauty that makes you smile, channel images from a fairy tale or create a serene spot for quiet relaxation. Make your own whimsical garden space to fit your landscape and your lifestyle. There are no rules to follow; just imagine simple beauty with a sense of fun.

Garden Swing

Make a whimsical garden swing with wide redwood planks hanging from thick nylon ropes or chain. Hang the swing from a sturdy tree branch in a private area of your garden. Entwine silk flowering vines along both sides of the rope or chain for a fairy tale appeal. There are two ways to use real flowering vines: Hang containers from the tree branch and allow the vines to grow down the ropes or allow the vines to grow up the tree trunk and train them to grow along the branch and down the ropes. Real flowering vines may limit the range of the swing's sway.

Sparkling Rainbow Water Wall

Create a freestanding whimsical water wall with strands of crystal prisms that will sparkle whenever the sunlight touches them. A decorative rectangular planter makes a good basin for the water wall, with copper pipe or bamboo stalks as the vertical and horizontal supports. Create the crystal strands with fishing line, center-drilled crystal prisms and colorful glass beads. Drill holes across the horizontal support at the top so that the water will fall over the crystal strands, similar to a rain chain. The crystals will throw rainbows of color over your garden. The sun may also create real rainbows as it hits the water at just the right angle.

Arbor and Fountain

Stand an intricate wrought iron arbor at the end of a shaded garden path to create a secluded retreat. Plant clematis, climbing roses other delicately beautiful flowering vines along the vertical sides of the arbor and train them to run across the top. Place a bench seat beneath the arbor, facing an outdoor fountain or garden pond. You can make a tiered fountain surrounded by a bed of pansies and day lilies. Add a whimsical touch to the retreat with decorative garden art such as wind chimes made from utensils, copper sculptures, a hand-painted bird bath and wind spinners.

Swinging Garden Lounge

Create a swinging lounge in your garden by hanging an old wooden door horizontally from a strong tree branch or a freestanding support. Cover the old door with thick outdoor cushions and pillows in colors that brighten up the landscape. If an old door is not available to you, have 2-inch thick treated hardwood cut to size for the same effect. Surround the swinging lounge with colorful candle lanterns and wind chimes for a whimsical touch.

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