How to Hang a Ceramic Planter


Ceramic planters are particularly attractive in the garden as they bring yet another natural element of design and color while at the same time they work with the plants in the exchange of water. Hanging ceramic planters can be tricky as the weight of the pot and wet soil must be distributed equally at the points of lift. If there are pressure points the pot is likely to chip or crack. The best solution is to choose a ceramic planter designed to be hung by either having a separate metal support or some other type of banding that will allow the pot to sit without stress. Macrame woven hangers often encase ceramic planters without placing stress on the planter itself.

Step 1

Select a ceramic planter that has a hanging system. Or, choose a macrame-style hanger that can distribute the weight of the planter evenly when hung. Fill your planter and wet the soil. Weigh your planter wet.

Step 2

Choose a location to hang your planter. Pick a location where the pot will be able to horizontally fill the space. The pot should be placed where there is adequate sunlight and where it won't be bumped, yet is easy to water.

Step 3

Pick a large screw eye that is rated for the weight of your planter. Drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw eye in an overhead beam. Screw the eye into the hole until no threads are visible. If the screw gets tight before that, insert the metal part of a screw driver into the eye hole and use the handle for leverage to turn the screw more.

Step 4

Hang the ceramic planter using the metal mounting system that comes with the planter. Often these are shaped to fit under the lip or under the entire pot. There should be small chains that rise above the pot and a large s-hook to hang the pot into the screw eye. If you need to raise the height of the pot use s-hooks to shorten the existing chains. If you need to extend the height, add chain above the existing s-hook and use a new large s-hook to hang it into the screw eye.

Step 5

Mount plant hangers (like Shepherd's hooks) from posts, walls, fences or other vertical structures using the mounting brackets sold with the kit. Place the hanger high enough that the hanging pot will not be in the way. Drill holes into the vertical structure and use rated outdoor screws to mount the brackets. Check the weight rating for each type of support.

Things You'll Need

  • Planter hanging system
  • Macrame plant holder
  • Screw eyes
  • Drill
  • Screw driver
  • S-hooks
  • Chain
  • Bolt cutter


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