Ideas With Daisy Petals

Daisy petals, unlike rose petals, don't convey sheer romance. Daisies, and thus their petals, instead convey a sense of cheerfulness, even innocence. Petals can be used for both crafting, such as in bookmarks, and decorating purposes, making them fairly versatile. Some varieties are edible, expanding your opportunities for how you can use them.

Edible Daisies

The petals of the English daisy, as opposed the petals of other types of daisies, such as the Gerbera, are edible. They have a slightly bitter taste. You can use them in salads or as an edible garnish for a dish, or for a more unconventional use, freeze them in the center of an ice cube.

Pressed Petals

Dried and pressed flowers and petals have an old-fashioned quality to them that makes them perfect for quainter decorating schemes, such as decor for a Victorian-style home. Daisies are durable enough to be dyed to match any color scheme. Pressed petals are also a good supply for homemade bookmarks.

Daisy Petal Path

Daisy petals make a great casual decoration when sprinkled in a path, either indoors or outside. For a spring or summer wedding, daisy petals make a loose sort of aisle runner. Sprinkle them on the surface as close to your event's time as possible to ensure that they appear fresh. Keep them refrigerated beforehand.


Take a clear balloon and put fresh daisy petals inside for an elegant, celebratory decoration idea. The petals will almost appear as confetti, especially if someone pops a balloon. If you would rather have the petals slide to the sides of the balloons, put a little water in the balloons first and drain them. While the insides of the balloons are still wet, insert the petals.

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