Easy Flower Garden Ideas

For those with limited time or beginners to gardening, it is important to plan a flower garden that is low maintenance that still provides an abundance of colorful blooms to enjoy throughout the season. Flowers that are easy to grow and care for include favorites such as the black-eyed Susan and peony. Areas that receive either full or partial sun can easily accommodate a successful flower garden with little effort.

Sedum Autumn Joy

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is an upright perennial with a long bloom life beginning in mid-summer. The petals range in shades of orange, yellow, red and pink. 'Autumn Joy' is known to attract butterflies once in full bloom. It is easy to grow and transplant for the beginner gardener. It has little need for water and can withstand slight drought. 'Autumn Joy' can be grown in many different soil types and does well in rocky, hilly and even shallow soil but requires full sun for optimal bloom. As an adaptable flower, it also does well in containers or window boxes. Although prolific, it is not invasive. During winter, the dead flower heads remain atop their stems, creating the pleasing look of natural dried flowers. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is also commonly known as witch's moneybags or live-forever.


Many different varieties of peonies are available for the home gardener. With shades that include red, coral, cream, white, pink, purple, scarlet and yellow, these flowers provide ample opportunity to add color in the garden. The large blooms of peonies make their appearance in the spring, and depending on the cultivar, flower from early to late in the season. Peonies are perennials with long lives and generally reach heights of 20-to-36 inches. Although they do best in areas with full sun exposure, peonies can tolerate light shade. Plant in well-draining soil, since peonies will easily rot if adequate drainage is not available. For best results, mulch the soil each spring to help retain the soil's coolness.

Black-eyed Susan

This summer-blooming annual has recently become a favorite in many flower gardens and landscapes. The distinctive upright stem ending in brilliantly golden blooms with a deep brown center is easily recognizable. The black-eyed Susan is simple to maintain since it grows easily and has little need for water. It also does well in various soil types and will grow in almost any soil condition. The black-eyed Susan needs full sun for optimal bloom and does well in those parts of the garden that receive a lot of heat. Its stems can reach heights up to 2 or 3 feet, making them a dramatic addition to any flower garden.

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