How to Take Care of Weeping Willow Cherry Trees


Weeping cherry trees are a beautiful addition to a garden as long as you have the space. They give off lovely pink blooms on long flowing branches that sway in the breeze, similar to the weeping willow tree. But also like the weeping willow, they need a lot of water and have roots that branch out wide to find it. For this reason, give them space to grow and obtain water without depriving other plants.

Step 1

Add peat moss to the dug up earth to put some nutrients into the soil if you are planting your own tree. Place the weeping cherry tree into the hole and cover it with the soil. Press the soil in between the roots as you go so there are no air pockets. Water the tree after you have filled it part way and water it again once it is filled completely.

Step 2

Put mulch around the base of the weeping cherry tree to trap in moisture and add nutrients to the soil. Do not place the mulch up against the base of the trunk.

Step 3

Leave a hose at the bottom of the tree on a slow trickle for about an hour for newly planted trees. Water every few days until you see new growth. After that, don't water unless there is a drought.

Step 4

Add fertilizer to weeping cherry trees in spring and summer. Apply all the way out to the limbs' furthest points. Use the instructions on the label for correct dosing.

Step 5

Trim branches so that they don't touch the ground. This will keep disease at bay. Branches that lie on the ground are more likely to grow mold or mildew. Trim away broken or dead branches for safety. Prune in spring. Thin out branches that are growing at an angle toward the ground instead of out. This will allow the tree to get air circulation and remove weaker branches.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Tree trimmer
  • Mulch
  • Peat moss


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