Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

Flagstones are versatile, flat slabs of stone used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to build and decorate walls, to create fences and even for roofing. In landscaping, however, flagstones are commonly used closer to the ground in patios, paths and flowerbeds. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors to fit your own landscaping tastes.

Crazy Paving Patio

Crazy paving gives a bit of chaos to an orderly patio by using flagstones with different shapes arranged randomly. Dig a trench, level the grounds and add 2 to 6 inches of crushed stone as you normally would when building a patio. Then lay flagstones in different sizes, shapes and colors over the gravel. Cut paving stones down to size to fill in any large gaps between the paving stones. Fill in the gaps between the pavers with mortar to hold your patio in place.

Flagstone and Mosaic

Although flagstones make a good-looking patio, they can also serve as a decorative border around a colorful center. Lay a ring of flagstones around the outside of your patio. Construct the middle out of mosaic tiles in an attractive, geometric design. Alternately, begin with a ring of flagstones, then set down a ring of mosaic tiles inside, then another ring of tiles and so on until you reach the center of the patio. The mild colors of flagstones can also be used to create borders on wide walkways. Create a walkway from a series of flagstone rectangles with mosaic laid inside.

Flagstone Lawn Border Path

A lush, green lawn may be an American standard, but a large, unbroken rectangle of grass can look boring. Spice up your lawn without altering it significantly with a flagstone border path. Surround your lawn with an oval-shaped flagstone trail which widens slightly in the corners. Take the advantage of the corner spaces by adding raised planters, water features and benches for a mini garden space. Alternately, expand one out into the lawn further to create a full-fledged patio.

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