How to Landscape a Front Yard With Fountains


Fountains in your front yard are often focal points on the landscape. Create designated spaces for fountains that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. If your front yard has a center walkway from the street, center a fountain in the yard on each side of the walkway. A grouping of three small fountains in the center of your front yard or in an inside corner at the front of your house also looks nice. A large fountain flanked by two smaller fountains or three fountains with different heights arranged in a row are ways you can group more than one fountain on your landscape.

Step 1

Excavate at least a three-foot-diameter circle in the desired location of each fountain. If you are grouping fountains together, excavate a large enough section for all of them. Remember to include space for plants and flowers, if you so desire.

Step 2

Dig a small trench from the center of the excavated area to the nearest outdoor power source so you can bury the electrical cord from the pump. Even if you use solar fountain pumps, you should plan to bury the cord that runs from the pump to the solar panel.

Step 3

Cut a section of landscape fabric to fit the excavated area. Lay the fabric on the ground to help prevent weeds.

Step 4

Place the fountains in the center of the excavated area. Run the power cord inside the trench to the power source. Cover the cords with soil.

Step 5

Lay a border of landscape pavers or natural stones around the perimeter of the excavated area. The border stones not only enhance the appearance of the fountain focal points, but they help contain the decorative stones or mulch inside the designated area.

Step 6

Arrange plants and flowers on top of the landscape fabric around the fountains. Step back and take a look at the placement; adjust as needed. Cut the fabric and dig holes to place the plants. Plant the plants. Fill in the excavated area with white landscape rock, river rock or other decorative stone. Decorative mulches, such as colorful recycled glass that's been tumbled smooth, are available options for enhancing the fountain landscape. Place the stones/mulch around the plants carefully.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Landscape fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fountains
  • Border stones/Pavers
  • Plants
  • Decorative stones/Mulch

Who Can Help

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